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 OCTOBER 21-23, 2015

A conference of the World Oyster Society



 Gives Opening Address at IOS6.

  Barton is a visionary leader who eloquently opens new realms of possibility toward ocean preservation and restoration efforts. He will inspire listeners with his passion and  intelligence to inspire positive action for our collective betterment. Recognizing the fundamental role oysters play in the interplay between land and sea in global environments and feeding the world’s hungry, he will challenge us to think with and beyond our forks and current mental real estate.

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A Cape Cod Welcome


Acting Director, NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management

Margaret welcomes the opportunity to address an international and local audience from science, industry and culture gathered to focus on the oysters’ key role in global coastal and ocean preservation and human affaires. She is touted as a dynamic speaker and fearless in speaking about critical action and the importance of oyster regeneration.  Her experience affords both a ‘worms’ and ‘birds’ eye view of both the challenges and possibilities in these matters that affect our global community.

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 Oyster Week  October 17 – 24, 2015

…will make arriving early for IOS6 both a rewarding, enlightening, and enlivening experience.


Thank you once again for your contribution in making IOS6 successful.  Special thanks to keynote speakers Barton Seaver, Bill Taylor, and Margaret Davidson and roundtable facilitators Dr. Yoshihiro Urade, Ron Zweig, Dorothy Leonard, Sandy MacFarlane, Mindy Todd, Betsy Peabody, and Brian DeAngelis, and lunchtime presenters Anamarija Frankic and Kristina Hill, Dana Hall, and Hiroaki Saito and Hiromitsu Ito from Japan.  

Thank you to the OYSTER FARMERS, the bedrock of the oyster industry, who generously provided oysters for our Master Chefs Izumi Shoko, Matt Tropeano, John Finger, Lucio Garnica, Maureen Pothier, Jeremy Sewall, Dan Kenny, Perry Raso, Bill Taibe to prepare sumptuous dishes for attendees and the general public  at the 2nd Annual Oyster Grand Tasting.  Please see the list below for the participating farms that also set up beautiful raw bars.

And thank you to the many who travelled from near and far who conributed their insight on the oysters’ key role in:

  • Climate Change – Coastal Protection, Sea level Rise, ocean acidification
  • Health and Nutrtion
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Water Quality
  • Disease and Safety
  • International Perspectives


  1. Directory of Presenters
  2. Program Session list
  3. Keynote, Facilitator, and Lunchtime Speaker Bios
  4. Poster Session list
  5. Farmers who shared their product
  6. Link to AV footage of Power Point presentations and keynote addresses


WOS will carry the work of IOS6 forward to IOS7 early in October 2017 in Bangor Wales, UK.  Appreciation for and benefits of this hard working ally continue to grow in many sectors of society, from science to ecology to cuisine and economy. Let us join forces again, meet and continue the work of reinforcing the “KEY-stone” between land and sea that helps keep our ocean “standing.”

IOS7 – A Conference Not To Be Missed!  


You are invited to become a Member of the World Oyster Society and join others around the world dedicated to oyster science, industry and culture.  Go to WOS and sign up now.  

OYSTERS ARE LIKE THE BEES OF THE SEAS!                                                                              

With gratitude for the opportunity to serve those involved in the world of oysters!

IOS6 Planning Team



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